Gluten Free Bakery

This post is dedicated to the people that have gluten intolerance. In many cases, this food allergie doesn’t allow this people to eat delicious food like pizza, pasta, cupcakes, bread. But through the years this has change, appering many gluten free products, like a gluten free bakery.


January 21th-The women on the picture is Catherine Kastens. She founded Cat’s Cupcakes in North Liberty, a bakery for people, who are intolerant to gluten.

Five years ago, Catherine was diagnosed with severe gluten and dairy intolerance. In adjusting to her new dietary restrictions, she found it difficult to satisfy her wdesire for a favorite indulgence – dessert.

“It was really hard to find dessert that is gluten and dairy free,” Kastens said. “Allergies, food intolerance, autoimmunity, and other issues can take the fun out of food for you personally and can make you feel left out and isolated socially.”

After watching a “Cupcake Wars” marathon one weekend, Kastens discovered the perfect gluten-free cupcake recipe of her own. She began experimenting with different combinations of non-gluten flours like coconut, almond, rice and sorghum.

The she started to share her cupcakes  with friends and found out that also people with no allergic disorder loved them. Because of that, in Thanksgiving she set a goal to have her own bakery open in January 1st.

“I wanted to make my cupcakes available to people in the community who need this type of thing because I know how hard it is,” Kastens said. “Plus, they taste really good.”

I think this new is very important because  it shows to the food allergic people that they can enjoy the life with their condition but it also shows that you have to  see the positive side of the thing and try to make them fun.



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